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le Apr 26, 2018 | par Adil HACHI

Motor City Recycling

Posté le: Jan 31, 2019 | Auteur: Destock Source

Motor city recycling scammed me 15 000 usd please take care of them ! Company under this website are big big scammers

Motor City Recycling

Motor city recycling take care !

This society under company name Motor city recycling inc are the biggest scammers we meet over our 10 years business in the mobile phone business industry. Their website is :

their contact information : the seller man selling under "Mr. Sales" name

Motor City Recycling Inc. Since 1972 Michigan. (But they are not in michigan but Los angeles) as their mention on their linkedin page 

Pay attention please :

WHATSAPP &  WECHAT 001-510-228-5542

How Motor city recycling Scammed us :

Motor city recycling post a ton of Videos and picture about their stock with their name on a white page next to the stock to make the customer in trust

So we want to try to buy them a stock.

But between that we found a post in a forum on a chinese website mention that Motor city recycling inc are scammer so we decide to not follow our order.

After several call and email by Mr Sales ( this is the nickname of the owner of motor city recycling inc) he implored us to not believe this post and that they have been scammed by the chinese man... with that he send us a video with some phone to tell us your order will be prepare and ship fast.

After that we decide to take the risk because this man told us many good things to heard and we think that this guy told the truth...

Order with Motor city recycling confirmed :

We go ahead and make the order and payment of 15840 usd to this company... 1/2 days later all our supplier usually get the money but they told no nothing... after 3/4 days they told us yes we get but they take again 3/4 day after pushing them to ship the parcel.

So we think its ok they are good guys, but parcel on the way we saw the weight very low and after discuss they told us we sent 20 pcs instead 120pcs and let you test and see if you agree the quality...

Parcel recieved we only got 15 pcs and the phone was OK so lets go ahead send us the rest 

Motor city recycling scam

We never get our stock and our money back

After 1/2 month waiting and pushing them we never get the rest of the batch and they not replied to our sms and call

so we tryed to call back the money from their bank account :

Motor city recycling bank account

Money can not back without benificiary agrees

Crazy situation the bank can not refund without the benificiary give they agremment. So Motor city recycling scammers have just to tell there bank "no we not accept they take bac cash" and its done we lost 15 000 usd that we have learn during all this years business with many difficulites

So we decide to kill the reputation of this scammer company as they kill our hard work

Please take really care we saw after several weeks that they have been report as scammer also on other website : Other scam report about motor city recycling inc

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